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Should I Take SAT Subject Tests?

Low Competition Colleges
Unless there is a merit-based scholarship available for having exceptional SAT Subject Test scores, you most likely will not need to take them. It's more useful to take an AP course that gives you college credit (make sure it transfers to and is accepted by the colleges you want to attend if this is the main reason you're signing up for an AP course).
Competitive Colleges
Many of the most competitive colleges require 2 SAT Subject Tests (some rare examples require 1 or 3). Search the school's website or give them a call to make sure so that your application will be complete when it's time to submit. If you're going to take these tests, make sure you're prepared enough to get at least a 700. However, 750-800 is best, and a near perfect score is ideal.
Even if your school does not require SAT subject tests, anytime the word “competitive” and “college” are in the same sentence, you should always go the extra mile. If you can score high on 1–2 subject tests, you’ll gain a slight advantage over the competition.