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ACT/SAT Practice Test Score Calculators

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Test Month Test Year Form # Link
June 2018 A11 Calculate A11
April 2018 A09 Calculate A09
December 2017 A10 Calculate A10
June 2017 74C Calculate 74C
April 2017 74F Calculate 74F
December 2016 74H Calculate 74H
June 2016 72F Calculate 72F
April 2016 73E Calculate 73E
December 2015 72E Calculate 72E
June 2015 73C Calculate 73C
April 2015 73G Calculate 73G


Book Name Book Year Test # Form # Link
RED BOOK 2018-19 Test 1 Form MC1 Calculate Test 1
RED BOOK 2018-19 Test 2 Form MC2 Calculate Test 2
RED BOOK 2018-19 Test 3 Form MC3 Calculate Test 3
RED BOOK 2018-19 Test 4 Form 74C Calculate Test 4 (Form 74C)

Official ACT Practice Test Links

60+ ACT Practice Tests
2017-2018 Form 1572CPRE
2014-2015 Form 67C
2011-2012 Form 64E
2008-2009 Form 61C
2005-2006 Form 59F


Test Month Test Year Test # Link
August 2018 NA Calculate
June 2018 NA Calculate
April 2018 NA Calculate
March 2018 NA Calculate

Official SAT Practice Test Links

8 Official SAT Practice Tests
30+ SAT Practice Tests

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