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Student and Parent Feedback

"Excellent support!"

"Jonathan is smart, professional, patient and very thorough. My high school junior earned a 31 on her ACT the first time she took it! He is once again supporting us as she prepares for SAT. As a teacher myself, I highly recommend Jonathan!"

- Sarilyn ( Parker, CO )

"Brought my daughter's ACT score to a 35"

"Jon helped my daughter zero in on weak areas with great tips on how to improve. She achieved a 9 point score improvement!"

- Michelle ( Los Angeles, CA )

"Joshua received a cumulative 35 score and 36 on his math score."

"I cannot say enough regarding Jon and how much he helped my son in increasing his ACT scores. My son started seeing Jon his junior year in high school. Joshua had taken the ACT and received a 30. We knew a 30 was a good score but Joshua wanted to apply to some of the more elite colleges and we knew a 30 would not be enough to get him admitted. He needed help in improving his math scores. Jon met Joshua at our home and for an hour and a half tutored him specifically in math. Joshua took to Jon immediately. Jon is very laid back and extremely relatable. When I told Joshua he needed to practice more exams, it was considered nagging. When Jon asked Joshua to practice more exams, Joshua practiced more exams. We cannot thank Jon enough for his patience, kindness and attention to detail when tutoring Joshua. Joshua has two more siblings and I hope Jon can tutor them as well in a few years."

- Monisha ( Evergreen, CO )

"Morgan got a 30!"

"After sinking hundreds of dollars and 9 months into ACT tutoring through another company and not seeing any results, we decided to hire Jon to help our daughter prepare for her third ACT test. Jon was patient and effectively communicated what and HOW to study for the test. In only six short weeks, our daughter increased her science score by 7 points...a jump that will increase her chances of being admitted to her dream school. We can't express enough how grateful we are to Jon and we highly recommend him!

- Wendy ( Lone Tree, CO )

"Excellent Tutor!"

"My daughter was struggling with AP Calculus and AP Physics. It was a struggle to find a tutor in both areas that would work with her schedule. Jonathan was fantastic! He really improved her confidence and comfort level in both subjects. He has a very laid-back personality that made it easy for her to work with him and he could relate with what she was talking about. He pushes without coming across as pushy. I strongly, strongly, strongly recommend Jonathan."

- Anne ( Parker, CO )

"Knowledgeable and encouraging"

"Jonathan has found where I was continuously making mistakes in Calculus and built my confidence by going over problems and how to approach them."

- Brian ( Denver University (DU) - Denver, CO )

"Amazing Tutor"

"Greg was able to improve his score by 4 points! His first ACT score was 29 and his second score was a 33! I credit it all to Jon and his dedication and tutoring abilities!"

- Jim ( Albany, NY )

"Outstanding ACT and SAT test prep tutor that delivers results!"

"We hired Jonathan for one hour to help our daughter with the science section days before her ACT test. Jonathan helped her increase her score by 5 points! Consequently, we hired Jonathan on a regular basis for ACT and SAT test prep in all sections. He is an EXPERT at teaching simple and effective strategies to increase your child's score. He has a wonderful way of relating to youth and explaining things in a understandable and humorous way. I highly recommend Jonathan for tutoring your son or daughter!"

- Sarah ( Valor High School - Highlands Ranch, CO )

"ACT Prep"

"Jonathan has been working with my son on ACT prep. In only a few lessons, we are already seeing his practice test scores improve. Wish we had started earlier!"

- Kiala ( Sugarland, TX )

"Great tutor for those with difficulty in Algebra"

"My son is responding well to Jon's tutoring, and finding confidence in his abilities! Each session they are progressing, and Jon seems to understand how to get my son to participate well."

- James ( Littleton High School - Littleton, CO )


"Jon meet with my son and helped him get organized for his classes. He was very encouraging and gave him some great advice. We look forward to working with Jon in the future."

- Jill ( Richmond, IL )

"Great Chemistry tutor"

"Jonathan contacted me right away when my son needed chemistry help 3 days before finals. He was available the next day to meet with my son. Jonathan had much knowledge on the material and was able to explain it all in the time spot we had. He is friendly, and easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend him and will use his help again in the future."

- Alexa ( Parker, CO )

"We highly recommend!"

"Jonathan is great, always on time, patient and very flexible with our crazy schedule."

- Audrey ( Castle Rock, CO )

"Great Teacher"

"My son really responded to his teaching style. I feel after one lesson my son had a far better understanding of what he was learning!"

- Niki ( Regis High School - Aurora, CO )

"Successful math semester with Jonathan's help!"

"Jonathan helped our daughter bring her failing grade in math up to a B! Between Jonathan's help and our daughters hard work, this semester was a success and so much more pleasant than past math semesters. Thank you Jonathan for your patience, knowledge and flexibility! We look forward to future success with your help!"

- Lisa ( Castle Rock, CO )

"Jonathan's the best!"

"My 14 year old is having a great experience learning from Jon and has improved his geometry grade from a C to an A-"

- Kat ( Parker, CO )

"Great ACT preparation tutor"

"Jon really helped my daughter prepare for the ACT. She is feeling more confident about the test based on what she has learned so far--he provided very focused assistance."

- Wendy ( Littleton, CO )

"Great job by Jon"

"Jon has had several sessions with my son, working with him on both Algebra II and Chemistry. He was always very patient, knowledgeable, and professional. He related well with my son and my son's grades improved drastically. Thank you, Jon!"

- Matt ( Parker, CO )

"Listens to student's needs and adjusts lesson to individualize"

"Helped with concepts that were confusing, was patient, and taught in a way that made sense. Intuitively knew what my daughter needed to focus on."

- Vicky ( Aurora, CO )

"Jonathan is the best!"

"Jonathan has a way of explaining things that make sense to me. I get more out of an hour with him than I do in a week in class."

- Alexa ( Parker, CO )

"Great tutor"

"Jon is very knowledgeable and has great teaching skills. He's been a great asset to my 17 year old son. Jon has also been very flexible with his schedule to meet appointment requests. We will use Jon again."

- Kurt ( Parker, CO )