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We've deconstructed the ACT, SAT, and PSAT exams to their fundamental parts and built our test prep curriculum around them. Our process goes beyond the approach of any other test prep company. We teach our students every question type AND every answer choice type so they can immediately identify wrong answers. Other test prep companies focus on the correct answer - and that's crucial - but we teach our students why the other answers are wrong as well. All of our tutors earn the top 1% of test scores - but more importantly, they can teach effectively and help students achieve their goal scores, time after time.
Technology takes our test prep to the next level with the Exam Analysis Wizard, our proprietary analytical tool that categorizes a student's incorrect practice test answers into question types and wrong answer types so they can get immediate feedback on their weak areas and fix them for quick score improvements.
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Our Approach

Parents expect results when they decide to invest in test prep, and we put our all into delivering extraordinary results. Through our experience, we know that test prep is a team effort.
When students, parents, and tutors work together, unbelievable results happen.
Our students achieve their goal scores so frequently because we emphasize how important it is for each person to play their part:


We ask our students to complete 1 full practice exam per week and 30 minutes of review or content learning per day. This plan can vary widely depending on your goal scores and schedule limitations, but it generally works for most students. This is the typical time investment we ask in order to achieve the amazing results all of our past students have enjoyed. The amount of prep actually necessary for your student can vary. Some of our students have made 5 point improvements in a single hour of tutoring while other students have taken 2 practice exams every week to ensure a top 1% score. We work hard to adjust study plans to fit their busy lives while focusing on achieving their goal scores.


Be confident in your student's ability, encourage students to stick with the practice exam and review schedule, be engaged in the process, ask us questions anytime, learn more about the tests, and schedule 1 to 3 hours of tutoring per week depending on your student's goals, baseline scores, and content knowledge. We have a better idea of where their content knowledge is after their first practice exam and how many tutoring hours to recommend. We are happy to help guide you as if it were our own student that we were preparing for these exams. We only make recommendations that balance maximizing scores and staying within your budget.


Our tutors take full academic advantage of every hour they have with students. They know all the nuances of these standardized exams and teach students how they think about the exam. Students are provided every piece of knowledge that collectively adds up to huge score improvements. Great tutors don't just review questions or concepts, they share strategies and frameworks that can apply to a broad range of questions that students will encounter in standardized exams. Their success is our success, and we truly care about making a difference in their lives.

Anything is possible

We believe that each role plays a key part in maximizing test scores, with tutors and students putting in the majority of the effort. We focus on improving our students' confidence, because anything is possible. We've seen students overcome obstacles they never thought they could surmount.


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