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We enhance the learning experience for students with tutors and teaching methods that foster success and learning tools built upon educational research. Our tutors and online learning modules teach students with these 5 foundations in mind.

How do we know this works?

Students who learn with us improve their grades and test scores
as much or more than

leading national tutoring companies.


Students who work with us...

· Are more competitive in college admissions

· Find their high school and college courses less difficult

· Feel more prepared for college

· Get personalized analysis of their performance

· Can use their Performance Profile to keep track of subjects they have struggled with in the past so course finals and ACT/SAT test prep is easier and more focused.

· Get help from us on demand - anytime***

· Are more confident on exams

· Tell us they enjoy learning more after they started tutoring

*** On demand help is available with our Regular Weekly Tutoring package.

Student improvement with 1-16 weeks of tutoring or learning modules

1 Letter Grade Increase
2 - 4 Letter Grade Increase
ACT Improvement of 3 - 14 Points
ACT Scores Between 26 - 36
Average ACT Score Improvement
5 Points
SAT Improvement of 100 - 600 Points
SAT Scores Between 1100 - 1600
Average SAT Score Improvement
285 Points
Perfect ACT/SAT Scores
2 Perfect Scores

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"Life itself is a teacher, and you are in a constant state of learning."

- Bruce Lee

Life is full of learning. Our goal is to help students develop skills to make learning easy - not just in school, but in life. While we recognize that GPA and Test Scores are important to their success, learning is one of life's most important skills. We approach learning as an activity that can be mastered, and we teach students relevant learning methods that they can leverage in school and in life.

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Get expert help and learn course material quickly with our greatest assets.

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Ace your courses easier with video explanations and practice problems.

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Achieve your top score now with our amazing test prep program.

Academic Course Planning

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